Basic reasons for a customer to prefer self-compacting concrete:

  • It is easy to workability and casting proces, does not require vibrator placement and compression.
  • It has higher early strength compared to standard concrete.
  • Casting easily in areas that cannot be reached by standard concrete. It is more impermeable and durable than standard concrete.
  • It maintains its stability without segregation.
  • It provides a gapless and smooth surface.
  • It shows a significant increase in impermeability compared to standard concrete and high resistance to external factors.

Basic characteristic properties of self-compacting concrete

  • It has high durability properties
  • It has better impermeability than standard concrete
  • It has high cohesive properties.

Areas of use in the construction industry

  • It can be used in all reinforced concrete areas of the building.
  • Special projects that require early strength concrete.
  • In repair projects
  • In areas where it is not possible to use a vibrator