Çimbeton was incorporated in 1985 by Çimentaş, which is a Group Company, in order to produce, sell and distribute ready-mixed concrete and started production just one year afterwards.

Besides being the very first corporate ready-mixed concrete production company ever starting to operate in the Aegean Region, Çimbeton is also the very first publicly traded company in the industry. Çimbeton stocks have been being traded at BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) since 18 December 1997.

Cementir Holding, which assembles Çimentaş companies under its roof, is an international corporation that produces white cement, grey cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregate and operates in waste disposal as well as in the construction sector.

Cementir Holding is one of the prominent groups of the world in its industry with 11 cement mills, cement production capacity of 13 million tons, 2 R&D laboratories, 31 terminals, 105 ready-mixed concrete and 3 waste disposal plants in 18 countries in 5 continents.